SBD Riem

SBD Riem
SBD Riem SBD Riem SBD Riem SBD Riem
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•Featuring a Patent-Pending buckle, with a gliding lever action and the adjustability of a prong belt

•English hide prepared over 5 months for strength & longevity

•Black oiled leather finish with a red suede interior

•IPF Approved with the maximum 13mm thickness and 10cm in width

•Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain

Maat Range(cm)
XS 55-70
S 62.5-80
M 70-90
L 77.5-100
XL 85-110
2XL 92.5-120
3XL 100-130
4XL 107.5-140
5XL 115-150

The sizing is the range of circumferences for the belt; please measure the circumference of your current belt (on the tightest setting used) and select a size where this is in the middle of the range


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